Child Upbringing – An art as well as science Dyslexia

The parents of an eight-year-old son came to the doctor with him. There was s a complaint from their son's school that he has difficulty reading and writing. Other wise, there was nothing lacking for him. The understanding was good, the mind was good at learning, general knowledge was also good.

The boy's eyes and ears were examined, there was no defect. His body weight was very good and was about three and half Kg. at the time of his birth. From the eighth week after birth, he also started to give smiles, even was bale to sit, besides also, was giving response if someone calls him. Thus, during birth and other all round his development was normal.

But while reading in school, he was geeting confused in simalar words. Eg. bad - dad, sign – sing, was – saw, bust – dust, on – no. While writing also he was doing the same type of mistakes, which resulted in fewer marks in the exam.

That is why the doctor diagnosed that this boy had Dyslaxia problem, which was due to some defect in learning about his brain.

The parents of this boy were worried that this boy would fail in the future due to such shortcomings. Dr. Joshi assured them that, there is no relation between this problem and failure. Dyslexia has been found in many great people also.


Steven Spielberg, American film director, producer and screenwriter. Late Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. Albert Einstein, the great scientist. Henry Ford - founder of Ford, a car manufacturer company. It is important that, if these children are identified sooner they can be traineda t the earliest to become almost normal. This can be done by help of medicines and scientific guidance by psychotherapist. It is important to keep in mind that if these children do not get any support from anyone, then they gets tired of trying their best, gets lost and then confused. They builds a poor opinion about themselves, which is harmful to them. The Department of Education in U.S. has identified between 3 years to 21 years of age, and more than 2 million people, with this weakness. The more it is for genetic reasons. It is found in the 40% of the siblings with somewhat the same problem. 49% of children have their parents with teh same problem. Good counselors can be very helpful in making such cases better.

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Child Upbringing – An art as well as science Which food to be given to the children? Bananas are good for kids or not?

To give simple, balanced, pure diet is inevitable for child's development. It is necessary to tell the child to sit and eat properly and chew the meal. It is not good, if child does not chew and swallow the food. It is necessary to be focus in eating only.

Eating habits while watching T.V. and playing is also wrong. On later stage food with excess of pepper- spiced, oil, sugar, and salted harmful. Please avoid to feed ready to eat food items which are called "junk food" like bread, biscuit, toast, cakes, pastries and coldrinks to the children. You can give coconut water instead of giving coldrinks. You can give sour fruits also if it suit them. Proportionate quantity of dry fruits and seasonal fruits are also good for children.

Bananas are considered as excellent for children. Bananas contain potassium, protein, vitamin C, B6 and fibers, which have many advantages. Children who eat a banan on daily basis have been diagnosed with asthma 34% less than other children. Children who regularly eat fruits such as Banana, oranges etc. get good protection against cancer. A medium size banana can provide 422 mg potassium. Consumption of diet with high levels of potassium can help to avoid leukemia. Normally a banana contains 105 calories and even water quantity is also good. Fat is almost negligible. Magnesium is considered to be good for the heart and we also get it from bananas. Bananas are considered to be great for children who are active for the whole day. This also gives children relief in the cramp.

In addition to bananas, nuts, chickpeas, corn, peas etc. are considered very beneficial for children.

Green vegetables, raw salads - Tomato, cucumber, carrots, bitroot and fruits should be given regularly. The children should have hot-fresh breakfast and milk in the morning. In the afternoon, staple food should be given to children. Later, give snacks and milk in the evening. In the night please give light food in the dinner. Give less salt, sugar, ghee, oil or nil. Give suffficient pure water to drink.

Please avoid to give coffee and also give less quanity of candy, chocolate, pippermint, soft drinks, pickel, paapad (thin crisp cake made of flour mixed with spices), farsan ( any saltish preparation made from flour of gram and other pulses spiced and fried) and sweets. Do not allow them immediately to go for play or run after having food. Let them to have half-an-hour rest by reading or restful activity. Please avoid non-vegetarian food. It does not suit to our digestive system. Mankind can live healthily by having only fruit also. One opinion is that we are Frutarian. Fresh, seasonal fruits are considered to be good for humans. Only fruits can be sufficient for required nutrition. Water needs for human can be also fulfilled by it. According to some experts, the milk should be given to the child for 8-10 months only. The child should be given solid food as it tooth comes.

And lastly, we should trained children to do fasting occassionally, so digestive system can have rest and rejuvanate.

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Child Upbringing – An art as well as science How much toys to be given to children to play?

Many parents are giving educational toys or things to their children. Here the intention is that the child learns something, understands, as if it might be is useful in the future. The writing of the book, spelling book, spell book or block games to are definitely good for children. But according to the age of the child, the appropriate item should be given. Girls likes different types of dolls. Boys like bats, balls, cars, etc. more. That's why bring things, whichever children likes to enjoy. Also understand here that if the girls want a bat or a ball or a car, then there is nothing uncommon in them. Same way, if boysw ants to like playing with dolls, allow them. There are no shortage of fun toys in market. Let them play, fun, run, jump and laugh. All life is there to be get learned. Gradually, educational toys can also be given, but it should not be over-exacerbated.

Many parents, who are working, can not spare time with their children. So, they dump toys for children. But remember that no toys can replace quality-time spare with them. Spending time with the child is also essential.

Children should be trained to use, care and keep toys in place while playing with them. Learning to play a game of putting things into place is also necessary to be taught in childhood. If there are more than one child, they should be trained to love, co-operate, share toys and to play together. Give appropriate toys as per child's age. We should aware that, even small cubs are not interested in tough, scientific or intellectual toys.

In present days, the toys are not durable. If it broken down, then such a thing should not be taken very seriously. If the balloons also get erupted then do not take such a situation too seriously. When the balloons erupt, the child is scared. Teaching them to take as natural situation. Keep in mind that the toys should not be sub-standard quality. Some children may put toys in the mouth. Please select the toys whichever are made of Non-toxic, plastics and colors not made of toxic chemicals even though a little bit expensive. Also select the toys which are washable and can be maintain cleanliness with the help of soap and water at home.

Toys are a unique world of kids. As mentioned in the preceding article, children are always living in “Party mood”. They also lives in the mood of playing and enjoying as well as venturing into adventure. Parents should always respect all the mood of the children and also encourage and guide them.

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Child Upbringing – An art as well as science Article based on parents' questions on healthy and ideal upbringing of child.

How children should be grown when both parents are going to work? To understand the child's mental and physical development healthily, it is important to understand 1 to 10 digits for parents, grandparents.

Digit 1: It is very important to have eye contact with your child at least once in a day in a meaningful way. Conversation or communication between eyes promotes confidence, self-confidence, understanding, affection, love, and courage in the child. This has proven to be very beneficial for the child's development.

Digit 3: Spend three minutes, three times a day without disturbing, restless and silently with the child. First 3 minutes, when the child wakes up in the morning. Another 3 minutes when the mother or father returns home from work or when the child comes back from school. The last third 3 minutes, while making baby to sleep. Parents should make this 9-minute special for the child. Give love and warmth to the child and realizing the child that it is special. By doing this child feels secured and comfortable and resulting its developments well.

Digit 8: Experts have come to the conclusion that the child should touch 8 times a day. Doing this strengthens the connection with the child. This touch can occurs while correcting the child's shirt's collar, patting the child’s back or even by simple hug. Even holding fingers or carrying on lap while walking, touching the hair straight or adjusting it from the forehead. Keeping the hands around the child's shoulders or even by hugging child’s neck. Child feels very good by caressing, when child has fallen or got injuries. It also feels good, when parents blow even on normal injury, because they can feel your conviction. Thus, the 8 touch of the day becomes beneficial to the child.

Digit 1-10: Take a deep breath you feel to shout or want to punish the child and count 1 to 10 and then only decide what to do next. How much to shout or to punish the child, that we will discuss later in detail. It is also important to know about its benefits and disadvantages.

Do not ask the children for the wrong competition, each child has its own potential. Therefore do not compare with other children. But we need knowledge of the skills of our child, and to encourage and guide them. Besides, we must have knowledge of the child's weaknesses, inefficiency, and liking and disliking. That is why experts say that child upbringing is an art and science.

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Child Upbringing – An art as well as science I do, I do ... the same consciousness, In the eight to ten month baby

Children of eight to ten months of age resist to eat with teaspoon initially. Many times they blew away the teaspoon or tighten the lips. Shakes the head and even if they have eaten by the force of the parents, then they will spit or vomit.

Doctor says the reason for all this happening is "the child of eight-ten months becomes conscious as an individual identity and this is the beginning of its independence. Now, this kid does not allow you to do, what you want to do and this fact is very normal.

So first of all, put the food in a bowl with a spoon in front of the child. Let the child be satisfied with experiment to eat by its own. Often, the child will try to eat the offered food by its own. This too will not help him too much, but he will be honored to do it thyself. In addition, when the family members take a meal, make this child be sitted in front of them, so that child sees what all does, how all eats, and then child will also be eating slowly with a spoon (in your hand).

The baby does not accept different food dishes soon when the child enters second year. To feed this, firstly parents or other family member should eat it in front of the baby and then only let the baby to taste it.

Often due to full stomach, children do not accept food. Parents have misapprehension that the child becomes more healthy if they have more food. There is also a difference in the quantity of food for two children of the same age.

    Also note the points when a baby denies to eat the food:

  • When parents feeds all the time.
  • When the child's health is not good, such as fever or tiredness.
  • When the child is not in the mood, when someone has offended baby and baby is upset.
  • Baby does not like the food or does not like the color, taste, or smell of some food.

Here parents should respect liking-disliking of their children's choice.

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Child Upbringing – An art as well as science Article based on parents' questions on healthy and ideal upbringing of child.

The parents of the 6-year-old child brought him to the Dr. Joshi. The complaint was such that this child was stammering fsince the past six months. At first he was speaking clearly. Even, there was no stammering history in the family. Then, what would have happened suddenly?

    There are also two main reasons for the stammer.

  • When the child is developing rapidly, then a few times after which the stammering stops.
  • When the left handed child is force to write with right hand and also insisting for other work also.

When the child's mother was asked in the above case, she admitted that this child had a habit of working at the left hand. She said that the right hand has to do the right job. Every good work is done at the right hand. Due to the worship of God, eating and writing, this marriage can be done at the right hand, so that the left hand should not be used in such activities.

With very hard effort Doctor Joshi explained the parents that, both right and left hands have been given by the God, the importance of both are the same. Some people are left-handed. Nature has given the center of the control of the speaking action of such (left-handed) people in the right part of the brain and right-handed people in the left side of the brain. Thus, when the left handed is forced to write with right hand, the fight begins between the two center (left and right) of brain, which controls the action of speaking. As a result, the child can not speak purely and as a result it stammers in such a situation. When such children are given the freedom to use their hands, their stamering stopps.

Here the child's mother asked Doctor Joshi that the left-hander person is weaker than the right-handed? Dr. Joshi said, "This is the completely wrong belief. Good players of Chess, Architects, Artists, Cricket batsmen as well as bowlers, Mathematicians were left-handed and still are there. Both President Obama and Clinton are left-handed. Males (12.6%) are found more left-handed than females (9.1%). According to one survey Americans and Europeans (11%), while Asians (9.3%) are found to be left- handed."

In the end, the doctor said that let left-handed child to use left hand. Do not become obstacles in it. Do not give sarcastic reamarks on them and do not be bias for them. They are very normal. Boost their confidence and then see what miracles they can do.

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