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This Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) is brought to you by EasyReach Healthcare Private Limited ("the Company" for short), a private limited company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, having it's registered office at A-202, 2nd floor, B. N. Agarwal Shyamkamal Co-operative Housing Society Limited, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai - 400 057.

We are pleased to welcome you on behalf of our team for using our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and the various services available through the use of our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s). We at Easy Reach Healthcare Private Limited value the privacy of all our users and assure our users that all information uploaded, downloaded, collected, stored through cookies used by our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s), disseminated by Users shall not be misused to as to violate the privacy of the users. This Privacy Policy of our Company is an attempt to inform our users of the manner in which the personal information shared by our users while using our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and services provided therein shall be used and/or treated.

By subscribing to the use of our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and registering as a user thereof, you confirm having read this Privacy Policy and having consented to the use of cookies by the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) as is hereby contemplated. The privacy policy contained hereafter is restricted to our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and shall not be applicable to any other Website(s) / Mobile Application(s)s that you may access through browsing links available on our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s).

  • Information collected:

    The following information is collected during use of the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and services provided by the Company through the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s):

    • Content and information provided by you during use of our services including details provided in the process of registering with and/or subscribing to our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and all materials uploaded to the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s);
    • All information accessed by you while availing our services through the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s), templates that you may create on the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) and/or automated templates available on the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) as edited by you;
    • Basic device related information including IP address used to access the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s), geographical location from which Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) was accessed, details of the browser used to access the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s), duration of each session for use of Website(s) / Mobile Application(s), Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) navigation paths, etc.
    • All information uploaded by users on the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s);
    • Such information as the User may permit sharing of or may OPT to sync from the device from which the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) is being accessed including information of contacts that may be stored in the device.
    • All details except CVV and ATM passwords that is provided while making payments on the payment gateway of the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s).
  • Sharing of information collected:
    • The Company shall not share any information acquired as aforesaid with any third person and/or entity without express consent from the Users. Some of the Users have, at the time of subscribing to our services, provided us with express written consents for sharing the information collected by us as aforesaid with individuals/firms/companies specified in the consent forms and the Company disclaims all liability arising from such sharing including breach of any doctor-patient privileges caused by sharing of such information.
    • The Company reserves rights to use the information collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect the Company and our other users. We also use this information to enhance your browsing experience by providing more accurate results using cookies of your previous searches.
    • The Company reserves rights to send automated mailers to the user ids registered on the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) for providing information of new features or updates done to the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s).
    • Providing non-personally identifiable statistical information about users registered with our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) whilst taking due caution to ensure no breach to privacy of our users. The third parties would not be able to identify the users individually.
    • The Company reserves right to share all kinds of personal information collected as aforesaid in the event of it being required to do so by any Court of Law or in connection to some legal proceedings in order to establish, exercise or defend rights of the Company.
    • Use of the personal information by the Company can be restricted by making requisite changes to your Privacy Settings.
  • Use Of Cookies:
    • Certain cookies are pre-installed in our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) for providing you an enhanced browsing experience.
    • A cookie is a small text file (up to 4KB) created by a Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) that is stored in the user's computer either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie). Cookies provide a way for the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) to recognize you and keep track of your preferences.
    • Although Cookies shall not contain any information that can identify the ultimate user, personal information used frequently by you and stored on the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.
    • As aforesaid Cookies are used by our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) for storing the User Preferences, identifying User interests and making the browsing experience of the User more personalized. The information from cookies makes the Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) more user friendly and compatible by showing more relevant results in User searches, displaying advertisements of User interests etc..
    • User can opt to block cookies by changing necessary browser settings;
    • It is possible that the browsing experience on our Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) may considerably deteriorate by blocking all cookies and may even lead to certain Website(s) / Mobile Application(s) features being unavailable for use.
    • The User may opt to clear browsing history after every browsing session thereby deleting all cookies which may once again lead to deterioration of browsing experience.
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